Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the never ending project

When I started this blog I thought I would post once a week.  We see how well that has worked.
My excuse . . .  I had an idea for a necklace based on  a Victorian Chatelaine.  After many visions and revisions this is the results.  The little journal is made of resin clay,  a material I learned about on Kerin Gale's blog.  After all the trial and errors (and dust all over the house) I think it looks like a well loved  journal.  The necklace pictured is one I've listed on etsy.  My personal necklace has a ruler and pencil sharpner instead of the nib.


stregata said...

This is just lovely! The journal looks so old and intriguing!! Wonderful!!!

Kerin said...

Great work! And I'm so glad you like the clay. Did you see the call for entries on my blog for pieces made from this clay? I'm doing a book featuring mixed media projects made from this so perhaps you'd be interested in submitting this for publication.

See you in the Mixed Media Art group! :)