Monday, August 9, 2010


I wish the photo captured the true color.
When you anneal old metal you never know what it will look like after all is done.
This was a great surprise.

The words in the bezel are
"elegance or beauty of form, mannor, motion or act"
Try as I might, I could not get the patina I wanted on the links.
Heat - nope, liver of sulpher - nope, satin finish another no.
Now they look a little wonky (technical term) which seems to
fit most of my work.

I'm getting ready for another show this weekend, and of course way behind.  Trying to tweek my booth,
have enough jewelry for a two day show and figure out how to stay comfortable when the heat
index will be of over 100 degrees.
I'm sure there will be some great stories.
See you next week.


Judy said...

Amazing piece...I love the how you incorporated the handle of the utensil. Good luck with your show this weekend, stay cool!

Riki Schumacher said...

This is great!! Love the piece. Won't patina huh, interesting. How about Black Max? Good luck at the next show, hope you don't roast! Take care, Riki

Cindy said...

This is probably my most favorite of your pieces so far!!! Just gorgeous. I LOVE it!!!
Best of luck preparing for your show...and I hope the temps cool off for you, and that adoring crowds will attend! :-)

stregata said...

Lovely necklace! Wishing you a great show!!!! said...

This is beautiful!
What an eye for detail you have, the word is so perfect there!

fanciful devices said...

hi! i just found you b/c of a comment you left on my blog. wowza- you're good!!!! why no etsy?
anywho, yr blog's now on my toolbar so i can look through everything at my leisure.

Diane said...

Love how you incorporated the handle~very unique =) Hope your show goes well, and you sell everything you bring to the show!
Isn't that our biggest wish???