Thursday, June 23, 2011

Plan B - Part 1

      Thought I would share some pieces that didn't turn out as planned.
I showed this in a earlier post.  Pretty as it is it didn't function, the focal was constantly on the inside of my arm.
  Really annoying, and not a design I would be comfortable lising.

Plan B
Not annoying to wear, stays where it should and I think the swirly design on the etched metal looks good with the cut steel.

And just to put it out there . .  Plan B needs a little tweaking.  The rivets stretched when I formed the cuff around the mandrel.  Sooooo, I'm starting on Plan C this afternoon, tiny nuts and bolts will be replacing the rivets.

And since things don't work out as planned I'll be posting Plan B - Part 2 soon.


sharon said...

I think this looks great! I also have many pieces that never seem to go as planned, it is frustrating!

Lotus said...

I love plan B! The cuff is beautiful and really sets off the focal.
Sorry the rivets didn't work, but I'm sure plan C will tie it all together!

stregata said...

Part of the process that no one usually sees - there is often a Plan B... I think this will be even better than the original idea - it looks wonderful!

mairedodd said...

so how did it go?
i have tried bending the cuff first and then riveting - challenging to say the least... i think your microfastener idea is excellent...